Streamlined Board Model Emerges!

February 28, 2017


Streamlined Board Details: who, what, where?


2017 Membership/Purpose of Each Area:


1: The  Vision and Leadership Team:

 Meet for 60-90 minutes, once per month, to go over vision and planning for the congregation.  They discern mission, form policy, develop strategy, deploy leaders, monitor progress.  They outline the board meeting agenda, and generally perform the role of an executive of the board.  

4 members: Chairperson of Board,  Secretary,  Finance Chair,  Minister

+ Additional members may be included as required to address tasks and goals of the congregation.  The board will ratify these additional members.

**Right now, the Long Range Planning Team has a  significant role and  it is recommended that  a representative from this process be a part of this team.


2:  Standing Task Groups:  as required and performing the roles of the United Church Manual.

A)    M & P committee: 3-4  member  oversight of personnel roles and responsibility,  provide liaison between staff and congregation.

B)    Board of Trustees:  3- 5 members (meet once or twice/year)

C)     Presbytery Reps:  2 required:   attend presbytery meetings, send report to board.  Represent the congregation at the presbytery,  keep the congregation connected to work of wider church.


3:  Program Task Groups:   – this list may be added to or changed at any time.  If the work of a task group is completed, it is removed from this list:

Choir:  program for learning choral music and performance

Family and Childrens Programs:  Oversee C.E.  planning and programs for children and families

Long Range Planning:  developing plan for long range plan of property redevelopment

Outreach:  program to connect with others, building community in and beyond the church

Project Teams (ie) On a Wing and A Prayer team;  Beer and Hymns team;  Silent Auction and Fundraisers Team;  Fashion Show Team,  etc.

Property:  oversight and maintenance of the church property

Special Events Teams -  115th Anniversary team

Stewardship :  Stewardship Education Program

Finance : Oversight of Church Financial Life

UCW: program for women in the church

Worship Teams:  Oversee worship life for a season of congregation worship (ie – Advent and Christmas), prepare materials necessary for worship, oversee planning, carry out tasks to enhance worship life of congregation.


4:  The  Official Board  consists of #1, reps from each of #2, (quorum requires 5 of 8 of these)   and  representatives from each/any of #3 as required, and anyone else who wishes to participate in the meeting: 

-          will normally meet on the third  Sunday of the  month,  from 11:45-1:15  following coffee at church, in the sanctuary.  Exceptions may be made from the 3rd Sunday,  with  notice made in the congregation to change the meeting from the third to another Sunday in the following month, in the case of  a holiday weekend when participation is seen to be low.   Due to the compact size of this group, it is important to have as many individuals present at a meeting as possible with the minimum of 5 of the  8 “standing positions” (#1 and #2) required for quorum. With representatives from program task groups fluctuating in attendance, the intention is that there will be  9-12 persons present, on average, at board meetings.

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